Past Events

The inaugural event - Saturday, April 27th, 2019

We proudly celebrated some amazing women in our community and all of us; women who are following their dreams, going that extra mile, and being true to themselves.  

Event Summary

Shakti- women’s symposium had its inaugural event in Sacramento on April 27th, 2019. It was attended by around 50 women.
The event started with a small speech by Amita Khare, LMFT and host of the event. She described her intention behind celebrating women from the Indian community. According to Amita, women do not celebrate their everyday wins, achievements; whether at the home front or at job.  “When we shy away from acknowledging our success, our contribution, we are also shying away from the positive energy that we create around us. That energy empowers us to move forward, take on another challenge and it also empowers some other woman or girl to try out her passion, go after her dream." Amita encouraged women to take pride in their work, go after their dreams and support each other. Ramna Sharma recited a few of her thought-provoking poems from her book "Gritty Girl". The audience responded by joining in the empowering chant for celebrating women.
The panel interview featured 4 women from the Indian community who have shown leadership, courage and perseverance while following their passion. The panel consisted of Dr. Shubhangi Chitnis (Director, pediatric neurologist for Sutter Medical) , Manisha Hotpeti (Cosmetologist), Meena Kalyansundaram (President and founder of WeEmbrace) and Shikha Singh (Owner of Sarang boutique). The interview was conducted by Amita. It focused on the women’s achievements, struggles, and barriers they faced and overcome. The panelists were open about their struggles - facing the language barrier when they first came to the US, lack of family support, and financial hardships among other things. The panelists told inspiring stories about crossing barriers and becoming successful. They gave advice to other women and girls that if you are passionate about something, go do it. Don’t hold yourself back, believe in yourself. Be happy and deal with whatever hand life deals to you. The audience was engrossed in the interview and also asked some very insightful questions.

This was followed by interactive games where the women were split into 5 groups. One game was focused on ‘getting to know yourself’. The team game was focused on being creative, positive communication, thinking out of the box and working in a team. All the women enjoyed the games.
Overall the event was very successful. We received positive feedback from multiple attendees. They felt that there is a need for bringing women together to motivate, connect and support each other. This pioneer event has started a new conversation in the Indian community in Sacramento by providing insight into immigrant women’s life. Shakti provides a platform for women and girls to come together and enrich their life with positive connections and purpose.

Reviews of the event

It was a great learning experience. Interactive and fun. My network broadened. I compared
the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ game to the personal and professional balance women have to strike
every day. Thanks for organizing it. - Himani Kulkarni

It was such an honor to be part of Shakti’s very first, one of its kind, event in Sacramento. Everything from the venue, arrangements, audience, and agenda were simply superb. The female power was all at display throughout the event.

The panel discussion was the highlight of the day. Each of the panelists had an amazing story to share. They patiently and clearly answered every question including those from the audiences. Their experience and wisdom spoke very eloquently. Games added a dash of fun and creativity to the show. It was an absolute delight to experience it all.

Shakti offers a very unique and meaningful platform for local girls and women to come together, and to inspire and empower each other. Thanks to Amita Khare, founder of Shakti, for this wonderful idea and for getting it rolling with such a perfection.
By Ramna Sharma - Author of 'Gritty Girl' -


Online event - April 11, 2021 
Event Summary 
The event started by Amita sharing her thoughts about women's empowerment; " It encompasses a right to choose, a right to earn equal pay, a right to follow your dreams and a right to stand up for yourself. It was not long ago that women were not allowed to be professors, run a marathon, or be a scientist."
Amita talked about cultural and societal expectations along with women's own expectations of themselves. Amita encouraged all to be proud of their achievements and talents.
A published poet Preeti Deshpande recited her poem about her life experience which was well received by the participants.
This year the celebratory panel consisted of  Savita Farooqui ( Founder of SymSoft Solutions and a national award winner), Sangita Trivedi (a Special Aide teacher) and Siri Pulipati (Rancho Cordova City council member). They come from different backgrounds, have different expertise and different passions. They all have one thing in common, their perseverance and dedication to their work.
The panel shared their life and career experiences of finding their strengths and passion and pursuing their dreams. There was also an insightful discussion about how the pandemic has affected them and how our strengths and talents helped them survive and manage the impact. The panel was insightful and motivational.
Later there were breakout room interactive games and discussions surrounding the topic of being an effective leader and a cautious follower in today's era of social media. The participants of the events were enthusiastic and open about sharing their experiences and opinions about women's leadership and followership. The event was successful in bringing the women together to provide support, hope and inspiration much needed in the pandemic era.
Special thanks - Anusha Deshpande for her help in facilitating the technical parts of the Zoom workshop.

Shakti - 2023 

This was the first in-person event after the pandemic. Amita shared her thoughts about the impact of the pandemic on all exacerbated by current wars and political unrest. Amita invited the attendees to support each other in achieving a safer, equal and just world. To stand united, determined and resilient in the face of adversity, whether the adversity is at the personal, local, or national level.

The celebratory panel consisted of Dr. Uma Kudupudi ( Founder of the Folsom Montessori School), Medha Bansode ( Regional Director of California with CommonSpirit Health at home), Priti Nadgauda (Homemaker), Shobha Mallarapu (President and CEO of Anvaya Solutions Inc.). The panelists shared their life experiences, their challenges and triumphs. There was an insightful discussion on cultural norms for women and the importance of changing them with time.

This was followed by an interactive group activity where the attendees needed to cooperate with each other to complete a time-sensitive task.

All the attendees left the event with a sense of belonging and hope.

The idea of forming a bi-monthly meetup was floated during the event.

Followup - Amita is hosting a bi-monthly meetup of women. This is a place to brainstorm and discuss various topics that are vital for women in today's world. If you are interested in joining please email at


Upcoming Event -  Shakti -Women's Symposium (Free)
Sunday, April 7th (in person) 
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
R.G. Smith Clubhouse, Folsom, CA.